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[Oct 8th, 11:45am]

Title: Pathetic
Author: Me
Fandom: Avenged Sevenfold
Pairing: Zacky/Matt
Rating: NC-17
Summary: He gets off on dominating people, making them his victims. I was sitting in my bunk during that initial encounter, defenseless and weak. He took this as an advantage.
Warning: Graphic Sex, Emotional Degradation
Disclaimer: Not real. These men belong to themselves.
Author's Notes: Even though I shouldn't be telling you all, this is my first fan fiction. I appreciate any comments and constructive criticism that you can offer. Be gentle…

PatheticCollapse )
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dirty little secret-Epilogue [Jul 6th, 2:27pm]

Title: dirty little secret
Author: sin_river
Summary: Synyster has everything anyone in high school could want. But if only all the envious kids knew...
Disclaimer: Not mine
AN: Shits and giggles of a mindfuck. You've seen this before. I promised two months ago that there would be an Epilogue, and here it is.

dirty little secret-Ch.1          dirty little secret-Ch.2

dirty little secret-Ch.3          dirty little secret-Ch.4

dirty little secret-Ch.5
          dirty little secret-Ch.6

dirty little secret-Ch.7
          dirty little secret-Ch.8

dirty little secret-Epilogue
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[Mar 26th, 9:12pm]

from now on this community will be moderatored.

that means:
every post has to be accepted by a moderator first.

this community was made for people looking for decent (and by decent I mean awesome) written ... well. porn.

if your story will be rejected in the future that either means:
- your story isn't set to friends only (!)
- your spelling is horrible
- your grammar is horrible
- your plot is not worth reading
- you totally messed up characters
we generally disliked your story

and please please please make your format not hurt the eyes. the 'enter' key is your friend
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[Feb 8th, 2:53pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

this is a closed community
to see the entries you have to join
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