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Title: Pathetic
Author: Me
Fandom: Avenged Sevenfold
Pairing: Zacky/Matt
Rating: NC-17
Summary: He gets off on dominating people, making them his victims. I was sitting in my bunk during that initial encounter, defenseless and weak. He took this as an advantage.
Warning: Graphic Sex, Emotional Degradation
Disclaimer: Not real. These men belong to themselves.
Author's Notes: Even though I shouldn't be telling you all, this is my first fan fiction. I appreciate any comments and constructive criticism that you can offer. Be gentle…

I remember my first time with him.

Hell, how could I forget? It was pretty much my first time with another dude. Yeah it's true. Zacky Vengeance from the Avenged fucking Sevenfold, was indeed gay. QUEER, HOMO, BUTTFUCKER, ASSLICKER, FAGGOT, the list goes on and on and I was all of the above.

Trust me, I've tried many times to cure myself of this "disease", but no matter how many large breasted groupies and whores I fucked, I couldn't get rid of my intense attraction to certain men. One of these men was our lead singer. I know that it was pathetic for me to lust after Matt or as you may know him M. Shadows, but I couldn't help myself… and I guess he couldn't help himself either.

Our first time was hard, painful and brutal. I guess it's the way fucking should be. We weren't making love; he was fucking me, plain and simple.

There have been many times after that first night and each time has been exactly the same. I pretend to be the wounded prey, while he takes me forcefully, pretending that I don't love every minute of it.

He gets off on dominating people, making them his victims. I was sitting in my bunk during that initial encounter, defenseless and weak. He took this as an advantage.


“BAKER! You fucking asshole! I can not fucking believe all of the fucking mistakes you made out there! And Syn, your solo went to shit tonight, we better just cut it out of our motherfucking lame ass set!!! Jim, you’re such a lazy-ass drunk fuck. And holy shit! Did anyone else see our little Johnny Christ prancing around like a fucking pansy?!?!”

Avenged Sevenfold had just finished another one of their many sold-out shows and Matt Sanders had just stormed into the back-stage dressing room, in another one of his egotistical rages.

“Oh fuck you Shads.”

“Shut up John. You know that M. hasn’t gotten any pussy in a whole month. I’d be raging too if I had to use my own hand every night!” Brian said as he stood up and patted Matt on the back.

“Yeahh! I’d totally have a raging hard on! Ha get it!? Raging-- hard on!” Jim laughed as he finished another beer.

“Heh…” Zacky offered to his friend’s lame joke.

Matt suddenly stood up threw his water bottle across the room and stormed off towards the tour bus, making it his third early night in a row.

“Fuck this shit, I’m going drinking! Anyone else coming?”

“Yeah Johnnnn cooount me in!”

“Same here! I need some fine pussy tonight!” Syn laughed.

“You in Zack?”

“Naww, I’m not really in the mood… I think I’m coming down with something.”

With that said the three men left the dressing room in the search of a great bar, while Zacky trudged back to the bus, The Misfits blaring from his ipod.

With his music playing loudly and his feet dragging, Zacky Vengeance noisily entered the Avenged Sevenfold tour bus and quickly regretted it. Matt was still in his rage, and instead of letting it out vocally he was throwing random objects out of the kitchen and punching holes in the already cracked walls.

“Fuck, you’re hot when you’re angry…” Zacky muttered a little too loudly as he slammed the bus’ door shut and walked over to the only couch that hadn’t been overturned. He lay down on the black leather, turned his music up a little more and tried to drain out the crashing coming from the other room. The whole band had experience with Matt’s moodiness from the past month, and Zacky knew better then to disturb him. The animal just needed to get his rage out.

“WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY!?” Matt screamed as he appeared in the kitchen’s doorway.

Uh oh…



“I said nothing of your concern, you jackass.” Zacky said quickly as he dashed to the bunks and sat down on his own lower one.

Oh shit, I should have just gone drinking… Zacky thought. Zack was never really a helpless kind of guy, but he knew better then to get in a fight with Matt.

Suddenly Zacky heard the thumping of Matt’s heavy snakeskin boots coming closer and closer to the bunks, so he quickly shoved his ipod under the bed into a safer spot and prepared himself for what he knew would be a brutal confrontation.

“As you know Vengeance, I am not in the FUCKING mood to play games! I know what you said over there! WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM!?!”

Even though it was highly inappropriate in this situation, Zacky took in the beautiful man before him as he screamed. Matt’s heavily tattooed arms were crossed over his chest making his huge biceps bulge, and his tight jeans were clinging nicely to his thighs and hugging his thin hips.

He was perfection when he was angry.

“HAAHAHAHA I ALWAYS KNEW YOU WERE A FUCKING QUEER, BAKER!” Matt screamed in hysterics as he noticed Zacky’s wandering eyes.

“Shadows calm down. You’re going to strain your voi…”

“Straining my voice is the least of my problems, you faggot!”

The way Matt had said those two last insulting words infuriated Zacky and before he had a chance to swing his leg and kick the bigger man in front of him away, Matt’s fist came colliding with his nose.

“Oww.. oh fuckkk…” Zacky moaned as he curled into himself and shielded his face.

“Get the fuck up you pussy.” Matt growled as he bent down to examine the damage he did to Zacky’s face a little closer.

Zacky crawled to the inside of his bunk, sat up and looked at the hand that had been holding his bruised nose, discovering only a small amount of blood there. He wanted to return the favor so bad, but against Matt Zacky was helpless.

“Fuck you.”

“Awww the little fag’s not gonna fight back?”

“Get out of my face Shads...” Zacky whispered as Matt climbed onto the small bunk and crept closer to him.

“I thought you wanted this, you little bitch.”

“Leave me the fuck alone.”

Matt then suddenly grabbed a fistful of Zacky’s sweat greased hair and pulled him up and out of the bunk.

Zack gave a short whine from deep in the back of his throat as he was pulled all the way to the living room area, by his hair, and was thrown to the ground in front of the couch.

“Get the fuck up you pussy.” Matt growled, as he watched Zacky rub his sore head.

As Zacky sat up, Matt quickly removed his black wife beater and started to lazily undo his pants and pull out his impressive cock.
With this, Zacky quickly forgot the small pain coming from his head and his eyes snapped towards the beautiful man on the couch, and wandered down the enormous cock in his lap. Now he knew the horse cock rumors were true…

As Matt watched Zacky’s eyes widen, he cockily said, “Suck it bitch.” and gave a couple of quick rough strokes to his half-hard dick.

Even though Matt had just hurt and humiliated him, Zacky couldn’t resist the sight in front of him, and quickly crawled over to the older man’s opened legs.

Zacky hadn’t sucked a dick in a long time and had never sucked one THIS big… but he gently grabbed onto it and starting pumping it in an even slow pace.

“Are you fucking retarded!? I SAID SUCK IT!” Matt barked out.

He then proceeded to grab onto the younger man’s head and push it down roughly towards his member.

Zacky rolled his eyes and wrapped his lips obediently over the head, not really having a choice. Hoping Matt wouldn’t notice his lack of deep-throating skills; Zacky continuously flicked his tongue across the slit and sucked the big helmet softly.

A short groan escaped Matt’s lips as he looked down and saw Zacky’s full lips wrapped around the head of his cock, but when he noticed that the younger man wasn’t moving his head down any further, he took matters into his own hands and shoved his hips upwards with force.

“Urghh..” was all that could be heard as Zacky gagged around the huge cock that was now lodged deeply inside his throat. He quickly tried to regain his composure by breathing deeply through his nose, which was being tickled by Matt’s pubic hair; but due to his inexperience he failed miserably, and gagged again and again until Matt finally released the grip he had on the black locks surrounding his fingers.

“That was shameful for a cocksucking fag like yourself, Z.”

“Fuck off...” were the only two words Zacky managed to get out as he tried to regain control of his breathing.

Despite the fact that the blow job Matt had just received had been horrible; his cock was standing tall and was rock hard. This was mostly due to the broken sight in front of him. Zacky’s eyes were glossed over because of his excessive gagging and he was still hunched over pitifully.

“Take off your clothes.”

Zack rolled his eyes at this order and got up quickly from the floor and began removing his shirt.

Even though Zacky seemed it, he wasn’t stupid. No, no. He understood what Matt wanted as he watched the larger man get turned on by his own power of dominance. So Zacky just played along and slowly undid his belt and jeans trying to seem innocent and afraid.

Once he was fully undressed, Zacky made his way towards the couch and sat down right next to Matt who was eyeing him hungrily. Then Matt suddenly growled and shoved himself on top of Zack, while he attacked his pierced lips with his own.

“Mmmm…” Zacky let out a moan as he was stretched along the couch. Matt’s tongue was rubbing against his own and their hard cocks were creating a delicious friction against each other.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard, you little bitch.” Matt groaned into Zacky’s neck as he took a break from kissing the soft lips.

“I... I’ve never actually taken it before from a guy…”

“Haha I never would have guessed that Zacky!”

Zacky wasn’t sure if Matt was being sarcastic or not but he felt Matt shift off the couch a little to pull his own pants completely off. Then he was ordered by the older man to get on all fours.

In this position, Zacky felt very exposed and a little scared. He then heard Matt spit into his hand and soon felt the head of his cock rub his ass lightly.

“Wait!” Zacky squeaked as he jumped away.

“What the fuck. Get back over here.”

“Umm, I should go and get some lube ‘cause we can’t just do this! I need you to prepare me and stuff…” The younger man mumbled as he waddled back to the bunks in search of some lube.

Matt couldn’t help stare at Zacky’s ass as he walked away buck-naked.

Soon Zacky returned, holding a small scented bottle of lube, to an angry looking Matt.


“Just hurry the fuck up.”

Zacky laid himself back down on the couch with his feet towards the other man sitting on the opposite side. He lifted his knees up slightly and poured a little of the vanilla scented liquid on one of his fingers. He felt very awkward doing this because not only was he inexperienced but Matt was watching him with an unreadable expression on his face.

As Zack slowly pushed one of his fingers in, his breath hitched and he suddenly felt very uncomfortable. He really didn’t do this much.

He moved his index finger around a bit and then slowly pumped it in and out.

“Faster.” Matt growled suddenly growled out.

As Zacky complied and pushed in another finger, his face contorted in pain. He felt so awkward at this moment but let out a small moan as he saw Matt jerking himself off.

“Fuck!” Zacky moaned as he unintentionally found his prostate. He continued to push on the little bump and as he did his other hand found his hard cock and began pumping.

All of a sudden Matt quickly snatched both of Zacky’s hands away from his body and quickly shoved in two of his own unlubed fingers.

“Urghh..Oh god!” Zacky attempted to groan out as his stubby fingers were replaced with much longer ones.

“Fuck Zacky I’m going to fuck your tight ass soo hard.”

Matt continued to fuck Zack’s ass with two fingers for a little while memorized by the tightness.

“Get on all fours.” Matt growled with a strained voice as he roughly withdrew his fingers.

When Zacky was finally exposed to him, he quickly poured some lube onto his cock and rubbed it mostly on his swollen head.

He finally spread Zack’s asscheeks apart with one hand and used his other hand to guide his leaking cock into the younger man’s ass.

“Oh fuck that hurts! Oww…” Zacky grunted as Matt’s thick head started to penetrate his tightened entrance.

Matt ignored this comment just shoved the rest of the broad head of his cock inside of Zacky.

“Slow down!” The younger man groaned again as his knees threatened to buckle.

“Fuck you’re tight.”

Surprisingly after saying this, Matt began to rub Zacky’s lower back and then followed by tracing the number seven tattooed across his shoulders.

After a moment Zacky opened up and began pushing back onto Matt’s thick cock. Matt took this as a cue to push the rest of his member into Zacky and quickly grabbed his hips and shoved himself in, in one swift motion.

“URGHH! FUCK!” Zacky moaned in not only pain but also pleasure because Matt had unintentionally found his sweet spot on the first thrust.

Matt then began a quick pace and Zacky couldn’t help but whimper like a little bitch. He felt so used and abused, but he loved it.

“God, right there!” Zacky managed to quietly grunt out as Matt began to slam into him harder and harder.

Matt turned on by Zacky’s whimpers and mewls started thrusting into him at a brutally fast pace. It was almost juvenile but he couldn’t help himself. He wanted to be buried into Zack like this forever.

“God, Zacky touch yourself!”

Zacky almost didn’t want to begin stroking himself because he was afraid he would collapse if he did. But he took his chances and groaned deeply at the touch of his calloused fingers.

“That’s it you little whore..” Matt mumbled almost inaudibly as his thrusts began become more and more out of sync.

Suddenly Matt pounded harshly into Zack’s prostate on one sharp thrust and Zacky squeezed the head of his own dick, which sent him completely over the edge.

“Oh god, oh god, Matt!” Zacky screamed pathetically as he came all over the leather seats on the couch.

Zacky finally let his arms collapse and his face hit the sweaty leather while Matt thrust into him a couple more times.

Matt couldn’t hold his orgasm in any longer and quickly shoved himself into Zacky roughly one final time as he exploded deeply inside of him.

He then collapsed onto of the smaller man and just stayed that way for a couple of minutes, until both of them regained their breathing.

“Matt I can’t really breathe.” Zacky mumbled from underneath the larger man. Then to his surprise Matt kissed the back of Zacky’s neck affectionately and proceeded to gently rub his head.

After a couple of minutes of this strange affection Matt pulled out of Zack with a grunt. Zacky then flipped himself onto his back and shyly stared up at the man who had just fucked him.

“You’re pathetic Zack.” Matt said as he picked up his pants and then walked towards the bunks.

Zacky just smirked at the statement, and mentally congratulated himself.
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